Fremont Student Defense Lawyer

Fremont Student Defense Attorney

There are many students in the Fremont area, whether they are attending Midland University or commuting to one of the many institutions of higher learning in nearby Omaha. Unfortunately, the freedom that college offers to young people can sometimes lead to unfortunate choices with long-lasting consequences, both from their school and potentially from law enforcement as well.

If you are a student facing criminal allegations, seek help from an experienced defense attorney who knows how to help people in your situation. By working with a knowledgeable Fremont student defense lawyer at Sopinski Law Office, you could improve your odds of a favorable resolution in court and in student conduct disciplinary proceedings.

Common Allegations Against Students In Fremont

Without direct supervision by parents or any other adult authority figures, many college students take advantage of the opportunity to try new things and take risks. However, this can lead to unfortunate situations and run-ins with Nebraska state law. When law enforcement authorities file charges against college students, they usually prosecute them as adults rather than juveniles.

Common criminal offenses that university students find themselves dealing with range from minor misdemeanors, like public intoxication and underage alcohol possession, to serious felonies charges involving drug possession or distribution, drunk driving, and sexual assault. A student facing any of these charges should contact a seasoned Fremont attorney for guidance and support throughout criminal proceedings.

The Repercussions Of Criminal Charges At School

Any time someone faces charges for criminal behavior, the repercussions of a conviction could last for years or even decades, substantially limiting their future opportunities. For young people enrolled in college or university, a criminal charge could have immediate and devastating consequences.

Disciplinary Action

Even if a student is not convicted of anything in criminal court, they could still face disciplinary action from their school administration based on their violation of a student Code of Conduct. This may lead to loss of on-campus privileges, suspension, or even expulsion in extreme situations. Furthermore, unlike criminal courts, private disciplinary proceedings at school do not need to prove wrongdoing “beyond a reasonable doubt” in order for a student to face serious sanctions. Students accused of misbehavior do not have all the same rights in private disciplinary proceedings as they do in the legal system.

Additionally, many school disciplinary hearings do not allow accused students to bring legal counsel to speak on their behalf or offer guidance during the proceedings. As such, it is crucial for an accused student to work with a knowledgeable Fremont lawyer to prepare for any disciplinary matters and pursue a favorable outcome both in and out of court.

Talk To A Fremont Student Defense Attorney About Legal Options

It can be understandably frightening to find yourself in trouble with the law during the academic year, especially if you are facing school disciplinary proceedings at the same time. Fortunately, help is available from experienced legal professionals who know how to help students through these types of unfortunate situations.

A dedicated Fremont student defense lawyer could go over your rights and legal options during a confidential consultation. To protect your future against these allegations, contact our legal team today.



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