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If you are facing criminal charges for a drug crime, it is crucial that you reach out to the Sopinski Law Office as soon as possible. An arrest on drug charges can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, and for good reason. A conviction on your permanent record has the potential to negatively impact your future for years to come

Drug offenses are some of the most commonly prosecuted charges in Nebraska and across the country. Work with a Fremont drug lawyer with significant experience handling these types of cases to defend against severe penalties. Legal representation could have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

Drug Arrests During Traffic Stops In Fremont

A significant percentage of drug possession arrests occur during typical traffic stops. Depending on the circumstances of the stop, a skilled local attorney may be able to use various mitigating factors and legal strategies against the prosecution’s case.

To successfully combat any violations of rights that occurred during a traffic stop, it is crucial for a person accused of drug offenses to reach out to a nearby lawyer as soon as possible.

The Lasting Effects Of A Drug Conviction

Whether a person faces a misdemeanor or felony for a substance-related offense depends on the amount of drugs in possession at the time of arrest. If a defendant is found with larger amounts of illegal substances, the prosecution could add charges for intent to sell on top of the possession charges.

Regardless of the specific allegations, the penalties for a drug arrest can be harsh. There are various consequences associated with a drug crime conviction, including:

  • Lengthy prison sentences
  • Steep fines
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Probation
  • Loss of driver’s license

A person accused of drug offenses should learn everything possible about the charges and contact a dedicated Fremont attorney immediately to prepare their defense. The right legal representation can mean the difference between decades in prison and a much lighter sentence, or even dismissal of the charges.

Nebraska Laws For Possession Of Marijuana

All over the country, states are legalizing marijuana. However, in Nebraska, the drug remains a Schedule I controlled substance and carries harsh consequences for possession. Nebraska Revised Statute § 28-416 states that individuals possessing marijuana shall face the following penalties.

Drug Infractions

A first offense for a person found in possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana is considered an infraction. This charge carries no incarceration and a maximum fine of $300.

Misdemeanor Marijuana Charges

Possession of 1 ounce or less is considered a misdemeanor for repeated offenders. A second offense may lead to incarceration for five days and up to $500 in fines. For a third offense, those penalties increase to seven days of incarceration and the same amount in fines. Anyone found in possession of over 1 ounce of marijuana could be charged with a misdemeanor and face three months of incarceration, as well as fines.

Felony Charges For Weed Possession

Possession of more than l pound of weed is considered a felony drug crime. A convicted individual faces five years of incarceration and fines up to $10,000. When the potential consequences are this steep, it is crucial to contact a proactive drug crimes attorney at our Fremont office.

Early Representation Is Vital For Marijuana Cases

Many people are surprised these days when arrested and charged for possession of marijuana. With widespread legalization, it is common to think that having a little is no big deal. Unfortunately, law enforcement and prosecutors still consider marijuana a controlled substance, and many still face charges for possessing it. It is never wise to speak with the police or take a plea deal without first consulting with a lawyer.

Contacting a drug attorney in Fremont right away is the best strategy for avoiding trial and mitigating the potential penalties. The defendant will need ample time to discuss the merits of the criminal charges with their attorney and plan a suitable defense. A knowledgeable attorney understands the relevant laws and could look into alternative sentencing options and plea agreement negotiations on the defendant’s behalf.

Let A Fremont Drug Attorney Be Your Advocate

If you are facing criminal drug charges, having a Fremont drug lawyer on your side could make all the difference in the outcome of your case. An experienced attorney understands the stresses you are going through. Let our legal team aggressively fight for your constitutional rights and protect your future. Contact us today and get started on your defense strategy.



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