Facing charges of any kind is highly stressful, but sex crime allegations can be particularly difficult due to the potential stigmatization on top of severe criminal penalties. When a court convicts an individual of a sex crime, that person will be affected for the rest of their life. The defendant will need to register as a sex offender and carry the conviction on their permanent record.

If you are facing sex crime charges of any type, take the accusations seriously and contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible. These types of cases are complex, and it is essential that you work with a Fremont sex crimes lawyer who has the experience necessary to provide you with a solid defense.

Sex Crimes Carry Severe Charges

There are many types of sex offenses, all of which carry severe punishments. Additionally, sex crime charges present many challenges in court, especially in cases where the alleged victims are minors. A sex crimes attorney in Fremont knows the relevant laws and could work with the defendant to find the best potential defense. Some types of sex crime charges that an individual may face include:

  • Crimes against children
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual battery
  • Forcible sodomy
  • Internet sex crimes

Sex Crimes Statutes in Fremont

Nebraska Revised Statute 28-319 describes several factors in first degree sexual assault charges. These charges could be brought if:

  • The defendant subjects another person to sexual penetration without their consent
  • The alleged victim is someone whom the defendant knew (or should have known) was physically or mentally incapable of resisting their sexual conduct
  • The defendant is 19 years of age or older and the alleged victim is 12 years old or younger

First degree sexual assault is a Class II felony. For a second or subsequent conviction on these charges, the defendant faces a mandatory 25 years of imprisonment. As such, it is crucial for anyone facing these serious penalties to work with an aggressive defense lawyer. ‌A local ‌sex‌ ‌crimes‌ ‌arrest‌ ‌attorney‌ ‌could‌ work tirelessly to protect a defendant’s ‌future‌ ‌and‌ ‌freedom‌ throughout the legal process.

Defending Cases for Sexually Based Offenses

After an allegation or arrest on sexually based charges, a defendant may face serious repercussions to their reputation and freedom. As such, it is critical to work with an experienced attorney when dealing with sex crime cases.

The sooner a defendant reaches out to a legal professional, the better their chances may be of successfully combatting the charges. Every case has unique facts and circumstances, and a skilled lawyer could help tailor a strong defense strategy for the sex crime allegations at hand.

Call a Sex Crimes Attorney in Fremont Today

Few criminal charges are as devastating as a conviction for a sex crime. If you are accused of a sex-related offense, you could face years of imprisonment, hefty fines, and a conviction on your permanent record.

It is essential to be proactive in protecting your rights, freedom, and reputation against these allegations. A Fremont sex crimes lawyer could analyze your case and walk you through your options for mitigating the potential penalties. Do not try to handle this complex and stressful situation alone. Call today for an initial consultation about your circumstances.