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The second amendment provides a fundamental right to bear arms, but there are firearm laws and regulations that citizens must be aware of. There is a particular stigma associated with any criminal charges involving weapons, and a criminal record with gun charges can motivate others to view you as a dangerous or violent person.

However, there is often a simpler explanation for these types of arrests. If you face prosecution for violating the state firearm laws, call an experienced Fremont gun lawyer right away to help defend your rights. A seasoned attorney knows how to maneuver the court system, understands the firearm statutes, and could work to protect you from a criminal conviction.

Second Amendment Rights

The second amendment protects every citizen’s right to bear arms for security, recreational use, and hunting in this state. However, as per Nebraska Revised Statute 69-2441, there are some limitations.

If a person does not follow these laws, they could face jail time, fines, criminal charges, and community service. The law strictly prohibits rifles, handguns, and pistols in the following locations:

  • Federal facilities
  • Childcare facilities without written permission
  • Public schools without written permission
  • Secure areas of airports and airplanes
  • Places of worship

Occasionally, a person may find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and face firearms violations. When this happens, it is vital they reach out to a skilled firearms attorney in Fremont to represent them. A person facing charges that involve guns should know that these crimes often carry harsh penalties.

Gun Background Checks In Fremont

A person will only need to pay $5 to pass a basic background check to purchase, transfer, lease, or rent a firearm in Fremont, Nebraska. A concealed carry license requires an additional check.

The process for obtaining a gun license is relatively simple. However, if the government charges a person for breaking any firearm laws, the punishments can be severe. When this happens, the accused individual needs the experience of a local gun attorney on their side to help defend their case.

Types Of Weapon-Related Crimes And Penalties

An individual accused of violating a gun law may face a prison sentence, hefty fines, community service, loss of rights, convictions on their permanent record, probation, and more. Punishments are more severe if the person who faces charges has a prior conviction. Charges and penalties depend on the circumstances of the case. Nebraska Revised Statutes Chapters – Revised Statutes Chapter 28 outlines the types of gun crimes.

Misdemeanor Gun Offenses

Misdemeanor offenses involving firearms may include:

  • A person in possession of a firearm in violation of a protective order
  • An individual in possession of a firearm with a blood alcohol concentration of over 0.1 percent
  • A person in possession of a firearm in a prohibited location

Felony Gun Crimes

An ex-felon, mentally ill individual, or illegal alien in unlawful possession of a gun may face a felony charge. Additionally, an individual who carries a concealed weapon without a permit may be charged with a category four felony.

Anyone facing these serious charges should reach out to a gun crimes lawyer in Fremont at Sopinski Law Office as soon as possible to discuss the legal options for defending their case.

Schedule A Meeting With A Fremont Gun Crimes Attorney Today

If you are facing gun charges, do not hesitate to call on the experience of a Fremont gun lawyer. Attempting to take on the criminal court alone is a mistake that could have huge ramifications on your future.

A skilled attorney could examine all the evidence and help determine the best option for your circumstances. Knowledgeable legal counsel could advocate aggressively on your behalf and help you move past this difficult situation. Contact us today to get started on your case.



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