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Fremont Felony Defense Attorney

Any type of arrest and subsequent criminal charge can be a highly stressful situation, especially if you face a felony conviction. A felony charge is the most severe, and if a court finds you guilty, you could be looking at significant jail time.

A felony conviction can also have lifelong adverse effects on your personal reputation and credibility in the community. As such, it is crucial for anyone facing these charges to work with a Fremont felony defense lawyer on an effective strategy against the prosecution. An experienced attorney at Sopinski Law Office could give you the best chances of avoiding the harsh penalties and lasting implications of a criminal conviction.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Often, those accused of a crime do not understand all of their rights or know their legal options. As unnerving as an arrest for a serious crime can be, it is essential to remember that a criminal charge or allegation is not the same thing as a conviction. Everyone is innocent of any crime or charges until proven guilty in a court of law.

A knowledgeable lawyer could investigate the details of the felony case and find the best defense possible. They could work with the defendant to prepare a powerful defense strategy and negotiate with the prosecution on their behalf. A felony defense attorney has the experience necessary to fight for a defendant’s rights and tirelessly defend them in Fremont criminal court.

Reasons To Hire A Felony Criminal Defense Attorney

When an individual is facing conviction, it is essential they find an attorney with extensive experience in the criminal justice system. Without the right felony defense lawyer by their side, they could face harsh penalties, including time in jail. If the criminal court finds the defendant guilty, a felony conviction will remain on their permanent criminal record for the rest of their life.

A felony conviction may cause problems with finding employment and getting specific professional licenses, and could lead to the loss of certain rights. Convicted felons may lose their right to own a firearm and even their right to vote. If a person with a felony on their record faces charges in the future, the court will consider the prior conviction and impose harsher sentences. A conviction of a felony offense could also lead to other long-term consequences, including:

  • Loss of ability to gain security clearance
  • Denial for housing from landlords
  • Rejection for certain home loans
  • Inability to apply for certain student loans

The Nebraska Criminal Statute Of Limitations

Nebraska Revised Statute 29-110 sets strict time limits under which the government must bring criminal charges against a defendant. Occasionally, a prosecutor charges an individual after the allowable time. In these cases, a felony defense lawyer in Fremont could petition the court to dismiss the charges.

In this state, violent crimes have a longer statute of limitations. For especially violent crimes, such as murder, there is no statute of limitations at all. The law provides no time limit in which the state may file charges for murder, treason, arson, or forgery. Except for those listed, the statute of limitations is three years for most felony offenses, and 18 months for most misdemeanor offenses.

A seasoned felony defense attorney knows these laws and could help navigate through the legal system in Fremont, Nebraska. Finding a suitable representation immediately could make the difference between a court acquittal and serving a lengthy prison sentence behind bars.

Call A Felony Defense Attorney In Fremont Today

A felony criminal conviction and the negative consequences that go along with it can have serious lifelong consequences. After a serious arrest, you may be feeling immense pressure and have many questions about the legal process ahead.

To increase your chances of a successful outcome, speak with a Fremont felony defense lawyer immediately. The sooner you begin planning your defense strategy, the better. Contact us today to set up a consultation.



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