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Robbery involves taking a person’s money or property against their will, by threat, or using force or intimidation. In this state, robbery is a significant charge that will remain on your permanent criminal record upon conviction. A guilty verdict for this type of crime could result in harsh penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence.

However, it may be ill-advised to take a deal with from the state without first consulting a Fremont robbery lawyer. When the stakes are this high, it is crucial to have a skilled attorney representing your best interests and advising you throughout the criminal process.

The Court Considers Robbery A Violent Crime

For a robbery conviction, the state must prove that the defendant committed the crime in the presence of the alleged victim and took their property against their will. Robbery is a different and more severe crime than burglary or shoplifting, which do not require the victim to be present and do not involve force or threat.

The state considers robbery a violent offense. They will almost always increase the length and severity of prison sentences and other punishments upon conviction. For these reasons, anyone facing robbery charges should seek representation from a skilled Fremont robbery arrest attorney. Contacting seasoned legal counsel as soon as possible after an arrest may be a defendant’s best chance of successfully navigating the court system and mitigating the severe consequences of a conviction.

State Statutes For Robbery

Nebraska Revised Code Section § 28-324 defines robbery as when a person forcibly takes and keeps property from another using violence, the threat of violence, intimidation, or fear. If a court convicts a person of the crime of robbery, they will receive a Class two felony.

Elements Of Robbery Charges

For the state to prove their case and successfully convict a person of robbery in a court of law, they must prove four specific elements. The lesser crimes, such as theft, do not include these elements.

The prosecution must also prove various elements involving the defendant’s intent to commit robbery under state statute. For example, if the defendant took property intending to borrow and return it after use, this would not constitute robbery. Further, breaking into a home or business when it is vacant would not meet the necessary elements. The elements of robbery include the following:

  • The defendant approached the victim with the intent to steal and keep the property.
  • The defendant used force, violence, or intimidation during the robbery.
  • The defendant took property from the victim.
  • The defendant stole property that belonged to the victim or some other person other than themselves.

A knowledgeable attorney in Fremont, Nebraska could further explain these elements of robbery and search for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to defend an accused individual.

Schedule A Meeting With A Robbery Attorney In Fremont

Robbery is a harsh conviction with the potential to negatively affect every aspect of your life. The consequences associated with robbery are severe and could lead to significant time in prison, as well as the stigma of a permanent criminal record.

If you face these kinds of charges, it is essential that you contact a knowledgeable Fremont robbery lawyer right away. A skilled attorney could help fight for a positive outcome in your criminal court case and work with you throughout the legal process.



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