2024 How Much Does a DUI Cost in Nebraska?

If you’re considering fighting the drunk driving charges against you in Nebraska, you’re likely asking yourself, “How much does a DUI cost in Nebraska?” Depending on your circumstances, you may think that accepting the DUI will cost you less than hiring a criminal defense attorney and litigating the offense. However, this is often not the case.

Not only can a qualified, skilled DUI defense lawyer help you understand your rights in a DUI case, but they can also give you strong advice and represent you passionately during each of your proceedings. Additionally, an adept defense attorney can also work to lessen the severity of your charge or even fight to have it dismissed completely. Regardless of your situation, it’s imperative that you hire an experienced defense lawyer if you’re facing a DUI in Nebraska.

Understanding the Different DUI Laws in Nebraska

As is the case nationwide, it’s illegal to drive or be in control of a motor vehicle in Nebraska while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over the legal limit of 0.08% or more or if you’re suspected of being impaired by illicit substances or medication, you may be arrested for a DUI. DUIs are taken extremely seriously in Nebraska since impairment renders drivers unable to drive safely and endangers others on the road.

You should note that you may still be arrested on a DUI charge even if your BAC is below the legal limit. This is because your arresting officer ultimately has the discretion to decide whether you show signs of intoxication that pose a concern. If they believe that your faculties are still diminished despite your alcohol content being under 0.08%, you may be charged with a DUI. Signs officers look for include reckless driving, bloodshot or glassy eyes, slurred speech, etc.

Failing your sobriety tests may also warrant your arrest. Officer discretion is also honored for any suspicions they have that you’re under the influence of other substances that could impact your ability to drive safely and effectively.

Aggravated DUIs in Nebraska

If your BAC result is 0.15% or higher when tested on-site, your DUI offense will be considered aggravated and thus regarded more seriously. Aggravated DUIs and multiple DUI charges will receive harsher penalties due to their heightened severity. Punishments typically include getting your license revoked, serving time in jail or on probation, having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, possible alcohol monitoring, and paying fines.

Court Expenses, Lawyers’ Fees, and Costs of DUI Penalties in Nebraska

Whenever you’re facing criminal court, you can expect to have many fees that require payment. Regardless of the specific details of your situation, you will likely always have to pay court fines, lawyers’ fees, DMV expenses, bail, and more, in addition to the costs related to your penalties if you were convicted.

However, if you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent your case, they’ll likely be able to reduce some of these potential expenses. This is because a qualified lawyer has experience with these types of cases and can work to build a defense that represents your situation and why you should receive a lesser penalty. Defense lawyers are great at attacking a prosecution’s claim, especially when it is not compelling.

Your lawyer will always try to minimize the potential penalties against you. If the circumstances don’t allow for your case to get dismissed, they will proceed to present mitigating factors to the court that speak to your benefit while also providing arguments aimed at weakening the prosecution’s evidence.

If a conviction is imminent, your defense attorney can still fight for you to receive alternative sentencing options like probation or minimal jail time. The benefits of hiring qualified legal representation are often worth the cost compared to how much more you would be paying if you simply accepted the charges and maximum penalties.


Q: What Is the Penalty for a DUI in Nebraska?

A: The penalties you receive for a DUI conviction in Nebraska will depend on multiple factors, such as your criminal history, aggravating factors in your case, whether you qualify for probation, and more. Aggravated and/or subsequent DUIs yield harsher penalties. Punishment for minimal DUIs includes fines and minimal jail time or the option for community service with probation. Felony DUIs entail several years in prison and heavy fines.

Q: Do You Lose Your License Immediately After a DUI in Nebraska?

A: After a first-time DUI, your license is revoked for six months. If a first-time DUI was aggravated, license suspension extends to one year. In these instances, your license will typically be taken upon arrest, but you may be eligible for a temporary one. Second DUI violations entail your license getting revoked for 18 months and up to 15 years if the offense had aggravating circumstances. Third and subsequent DUIs are subject to license revocation for up to 15 years.

Q: How Long Does a DUI Last in Nebraska?

A: In Nebraska, a DUI conviction will stay on your record for a duration of 12 years, maybe less if it’s a first-time DUI. During this extended period of time, anyone will be able to see your intoxicated driving conviction if they run a background check; this includes potential employers, landlords, higher education institutions, and insurance companies. Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to file a request that your conviction be “set aside.”

Q: How Do You Get a DUI Dismissed in Nebraska?

A: It’s never guaranteed that your DUI charge can get dismissed. However, your strongest chance of getting a DUI case thrown out is to work with an experienced defense attorney who can fight for you. A qualified criminal defense lawyer will know how to effectively weaken the prosecution’s case against you, potentially rendering their evidence inadmissible. Not all cases are able to be dismissed, but your attorney can also fight to lessen charges if they are able.

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