Nebraska Crime Rate By City 2024 – Latest Statistics

Understanding the Nebraska crime rate by city is useful, especially if you are relocating to a new area or moving from out of state. After all, you’ll want to make sure your family is living in the safest place possible. On the other hand, if you have found yourself charged with a crime, know that there are lawyers who can handle cases from theft to assault and are willing to guide you through complex court proceedings.

By understanding the prevalence of crime in Nebraska’s largest cities, along with certain statistics, you can feel some peace of mind, whether you are moving, looking at real estate, are simply curious, or find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney.

City by City Crime Rate

Across the country, 2020 saw a significant rise in violent crime rates. This was possibly due to stressors placed on the population because of the global pandemic. Overall, however, crime has been on a downward trend over the last few decades. It is important to know and understand the rates of crime in your area to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Nebraska has a rate of crime that is lower than the average U.S. state. Nebraska falls in the 78th percentile for safety. This means that 22% of other states are ranked as safer than Nebraska, and 78% of other states are labeled as more dangerous. Below, you will find a breakdown of crime in Nebraska’s largest cities.


In the city of Omaha, violent crimes are heightened due to the large population and increased foot traffic that comes along with the territory of bigger cities. There were 29 criminal homicides in 2022 and 2023. Rape crimes decreased from 273 in 2022 to 241 in 2023. Total property crimes increased between these two years, while total violent crimes decreased from 20,887 to 20,763. Instances of burglary, aggravated assault, and robbery also decreased.


In 2021, Lincoln, Nebraska, saw a violent crime rate of 1 in every 256 residents and a property crime rate of 1 in every 34. Since the beginning of 2019, Lincoln has also seen an average of eight homicides every year, an increase from years previous. Yet, at the same time, Lincoln’s population increased. This means that while numbers have risen, the homicides committed per capita have not necessarily done so.


Bellevue, Nebraska, is considered safer than 30% of all other U.S. cities. Your chances of being the victim of a violent crime in Bellevue are 1 in every 543 residents versus 1 in every 178 in Omaha. Bellevue sees more crime in its retail area, where people do not live, while the southeast part of the city sees less crime than the rest.

Grand Island

While violent crimes rank lower in Grand Island, Nebraska, property crime rates surge higher. In 2019, Grand Island had a violent crime rate of 17.3%, which was under the national average. Property crimes ranked at 53.5%, however, which was quite a jump from the national average of 35.4%. Unfortunately, it is true that violent crimes are higher in this city than in other comparable cities in America.


Kearney sees a violent crime rate of 29.1% and a property crime rate of 37.3%. Problems such as vandalism and theft have increased in Kearney. Residents agree that the northwest part of the city is the safest, though Kearney does suffer an annual total of 118 violent crimes and 550 property crimes.


Q: What City in Nebraska Has the Highest Crime Rate?

A: The city in Nebraska with the highest crime rate is Omaha. As Omaha is also the largest city in the state in terms of population, its higher crime rate is unsurprising. At just around 485,153 residents, Omaha suffers 19,592 violent and property crimes annually, giving it a rate of 40.38 crimes against every 1,000 members of the total population. You are statistically more likely to be the victim of a crime in Omaha than in other Nebraskan cities.

Q: What City Has the Lowest Crime Rate in Nebraska?

The city with the lowest crime rate in Nebraska is Schuyler. Violent crime ratings stand at 7.8, far below the countryside average of 22.7. There were also zero murders, rapes, or robberies calculated over the last year in Schuyler. Schuyler is a smaller city in terms of population, so it statistically makes sense that there would be less crime. Even when compared to other small towns in Nebraska, Schuyler stands out as one of the safest.

Q: What Is the Safest Place to Live in Nebraska?

A: One of the safest places in the state of Nebraska is the city of Seward. Great for families because of its safe and welcoming environment, it has a low crime rate and offers peace and comfort. It is considered 65% safer than most U.S. cities, suffering an annual amount of six violent crimes and 44 property crimes for a yearly average of about 50.

Q: Why Is the Omaha Crime Rate So High?

A: As Omaha is the most densely populated city in Nebraska, it also has the highest crime rate. However, in 2023, the number of nonfatal shootings hit an all-time low. Additionally, gun violence has decreased over the years as law enforcement works to keep the city safe. Unfortunately, due to higher population counts and increased foot traffic, the rate of crime stays at a higher level than most cities in Nebraska.

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