Whether your child has been charged with an offense, or the adoption of your child is the one thing that would complete your family, or your children have been taken out of your home, Sopinski Law Firm has extensive experience to assist you through the court process.

Juvenile Justice

If your child has been charged with a law violation, proper legal counsel can help ensure they are not removed from your home, their rights are protected and the mistakes of their youth don’t haunt them for years to come.  Let us help you every step of the way, from day one until their record is sealed.

Adoption & Guardianship

Are you ready to make a permanent commitment to a child you love?  Do you need a guardianship for an adult unable to make decisions for themselves?  At Sopinski Law Office will will make sure every necessary piece is in order for your families future together.


Family Court (Child Welfare)

Has your child been wrongly removed from your home?  Are you desperate to understand the next steps.  Sopinski Law Office believes children grow best in their homes and will help you fight to get your child back.

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